October 22, 2015

TriVista Expert Discusses Best Practices in Deal-Making in BDO Perspective

Mike-McSweeney-tvA feature story in the summer edition of BDO’s PErspective newsletter, “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time,” was authored by TriVista’s Senior Vice President Michael McSweeney, who used his experiences in Quality of Operations due diligence to discuss best practices in deal-making.

“It’s a thrill to be featured as a writer in the summer BDO PErspective newsletter. The publication is known for providing sophisticated, up-to-the-minute observations into middle-market growth, so it’s an honor to serve as an industry thought leader providing insights into best practices through a real-life case study. ” – Michael Mcsweeney

Read the full article for a TriVista case study showing how OEE improvement analysis can reduce capital expenditures and secure a good deal that maximizes a business’s full potential. https://www.bdo.com/insights/industries/private-equity/perspective-newsletter-summer-2015


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