Lean New Product Development

The world’s leading companies engage TriVista to optimize processes that enhance revenue and increase profitability.

TriVista works with market leading companies, mentoring leadership teams to get the most out of their RD&E investments. Leveraging TriVista’s Innovation Expertise and Lean Methodologies, TriVista developed a proprietary Lean Product Development Process that can help your company get the RIGHT products to market FASTER than the competition.

Building the Foundation for Innovation

TriVista helps management teams lay the appropriate skill set foundation that enables the Lean Product Development Process to function within a business. Working alongside cross functional teams, TriVista helps to implement the following business processes – all of which are critical to a robust LPD process:

  • Stage Gate Process
  • Metrics & Portfolio Management
  • Customer Value Innovation/VOC
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Cross Functional Team Execution
  • Business Strategy Alignment

The Bottom Line

Once a Lean Product Development Process is in place and working effectively, your management team will be equipped with the information they need to make critical business investment decisions. Individual projects will have better scopes as teams strive for higher customer and business value. Project execution times and quality of outcomes will improve with the Stage Gate discipline. This, in turn, will create unrivaled customer value and yield sustainable, profitable growth.

Brenda Reichelderfer, SVP
New Product Development Practice Leader

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