China Operations & Supply Chain Improvement Consulting


When companies struggle with poor operational performance in China, it’s reflected in their financial performance:  stagnant or declining revenue and cash, as well as EBITDA and operating income that fail to meet expectations.  But addressing the problem is rarely easy.  It requires a combination of the knowledge of what to do, sufficient resources to get it done as well as the determination to ensure steady, sustained results are achieved.  When companies fall short in one or all of these areas, they often turn to TriVista for help.

We consider the entire product lifecycle and its supporting processes when addressing poor operational performance—from the time product developers are responding to market demand to when the end product ultimately reaches customers.  In doing so, we apply our extensive operational expertise and deep bench of skilled resources to help companies substantially improve in these key areas:

  • China Operational Strategy:  We work with our client teams to develop a detailed operational strategy that defines the specific operational capabilities required for a company to effectively execute its business strategy in the region.
  • China Supply Chain Optimization:  We perform a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s supply chain (often through value stream mapping) to find ways to make processes leaner, more efficient, and more flexible; determine how future demands will affect supply constraints and supply instability; and identify opportunities that allow inventory to be used more efficiently to free up cash that can be deployed elsewhere in the business.
  • Lean Consulting in China:  We apply Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles to create a more efficient operation that yields sustained improvement in cost and quality.
  • Strategic China Sourcing:   Through such initiatives as spend analysis, supply chain stratification, total cost analysis and definition of global supply chain strategy/structure, we help clients identify, evaluate and select global sources that deliver the greatest sustained value with lowest overall risk.
  • China Company Establishment:   Through our network of China relationships, we can help your organization setup WFOE infrastructure in China.  For more info please see our China Market Entry Page.
  • Interim Management in China:  We apply Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles to create a more efficient operation that yields sustained improvement in cost and quality.

Addressing the complex issues that can erode operational performance is one of the biggest—and most important—challenges in China that companies face today.  TriVista can be a valuable, in-country partner.

Companies that have capitalized on TriVista’s China expertise have realized tangible, measurable business benefits including reduced total cost of ownership and supply chain risk and disruptions, and increased EBITDA, sales, cash flow, and competitive advantage in the form of greater speed and agility.



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