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The leading North America based recruiting firm in China.

While recruitment services are a global commodity, finding a partner in China that you can trust to deliver high quality candidates and results can be difficult.  Over the past 30 years thousands of Western companies have entered the China market to explore sourcing, manufacturing and sales opportunities in the region.  Many business owners, investors and managers have learned hard lessons partnering with the wrong people on the ground in China.

At TriVista, we recognized the need to provide world class recruitment services in China to our clients in North America.  Our team works diligently to support you, providing experts in candidate sourcing, screening and selection.  TriVista is a U.S. based company that has invested heavily to build a strong team of consultants and recruiters who possess deep real world operations and management experience. We understand how difficult it can be to identify and attract highly qualified managers in China and Asia and work hard to make your recruitment efforts easier.

More information can be found on our recruitment website, which can be found at

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