Doing business in China is difficult. Our experts can help.

Many companies face challenges when attempting to do business in China.  Whether setting up a Greenfield manufacturing facility, managing a supply chain, recruiting staff or entering the China market to sell goods and services, it’s important to surround yourself with advisors that can help you make the most informed decisions and mitigate risks.

TriVista provides consulting services in China that can help address of these critical business needs.  With offices in Tianjin/Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and more than 20 staff employees in China, TriVista is one of the largest US based operational consulting firms in China.  Our clients include medium sized companies, Fortune 500 Corporations and Private Equity firms, who hire TriVista to provide on the ground consulting support in China to address their business needs.

Common challenges for companies operating in and/or sourcing from China and Asia:

  • Difficulties Understanding the Regulatory Process and Environment
  • Cultural and Communication Gaps
  • Ethics’ violations
  • Labor Relations and Turnover
  • Gross Margin Variance from Facility to Facility
  • Technical Gaps in Manufacturing or Supply Chain Management
  • Lack of Operational and Supply Chain Best Practices
  • Supplier Quality, Supplier Management and Supplier Cost Increases
  • Delivery and Logistical Challenges
  • Recruiting High Caliber Local and Expatriate Talent
  • Supplier Performance

Services in China include:

Our clients engage TriVista to provide fact based, objective advice enabling our customers to achieve higher levels of return on investment in this dynamic region.  Our customers benefit from our collective experience having managed some of the largest companies in China over the last 30 years, and quickly see the value of having a trusted partner in the region advising on critical business decisions and helping to execute strategic and tactical projects in the region.


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