Factory Transfer & Consolidation Support Services

Your global footprint is a critical factor that determines your success.  Our expert teams know how to assess and deploy strategies that optimize geographic footprints and mitigate risk during transitions.

From time to time, companies find they must make changes to their existing production footprint to improve cycle times, reduce labor or physical plant costs, rebalance capacity, or boost product quality.  Often, those changes require consolidating factories or relocating production from one facility to another.  And while such moves don’t require building new plants, they are no less complicated and risky than greenfield startups and require an experienced team to execute effectively.

TriVista provides critical assistance to a company in its consolidation efforts.  Via our proven, rigorous process, we first conduct a comprehensive analysis of the company’s operations.  This analysis enables us to identify the specific changes a company should make to improve the performance of its existing footprint and to quantify the operational and financial impact of those changes.  As part of this analysis, we consider such things as number and location of facilities, headcount, cycle times, labor and other operating costs, and product quality.  We also identify the potential risks the company could encounter in implementing the changes we recommend, and develop specific action plans to address those risks.

When a company commits to implementing the changes we’ve identified, we provide valuable assistance during the transition.  That assistance includes overall project management to keep the effort on track; change management to address the cultural and people-related impact of the initiative; and operations expertise to ensure that production from the plants being closed is optimally integrated into remaining plants.

By working with TriVista on its factory consolidation efforts, a company can substantially improve the utilization and output of its existing manufacturing footprint while mitigating the potential risks inherent in any plant closure.

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