Greenfield & Brownfield Startups

Collectively, TriVista ‘s advisors have setup more than 50 manufacturing facilities, globally.

Building out a new facility—whether just down the road, in a different state, or another country—is far from simple.  The process has many moving parts and requires experience and capabilities that typically aren’t found in most companies.  The fact is that while companies have skilled professionals running their operations, most—especially those in the middle market—don’t have in-house experience setting up greenfield facilities in new markets.  There’s a fundamental difference between running a business and starting up a new plant, and its also important to make sure that day to day operational matters are being addressed and the current management has limited distractions from day to day responsibilities.

That’s why many companies turn to TriVista to help them with their “greenfield” startups.  We have a talented team of global professionals with extensive experience in managing these large-scale projects, strong skills in plant layout and construction, and deep expertise in industrial engineering to drive operational excellence.  Our team also intimately understands the local environment in which the facility will be built—whether that’s somewhere in the United States or in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or South America—we help our clients navigate unfamiliar cultures, laws, regulations, taxes, and other business requirements that can heavily influence the success of the project.

Our greenfield work is guided by a rigorous process based on TriVista’s years of experience in building out new facilities around the world.  This process begins with a feasibility study that enables us to achieve two critical objectives:

  • Validate the assumptions on which the client has based its decision to build the facility, including geographic location, human capital, capital investment requirements, timeline for implementation, corporate structure, etc.
  • Mitigate the potential risks the company could encounter throughout the project.  Using a proprietary tool, we qualify and quantify the potential risks, determine the probability and impact of each, and develop an advance corrective action plan to address the risks most likely to occur.

Once the business case for the facility is confirmed, we work with the company through the entire development process:  from choosing the site and designing the physical plant to developing the supporting operational capabilities, managing the relevant legal and financial requirements, and preparing the facility for its first production run.  The ultimate goal is to help ensure that, when launched, the facility will be well-equipped to achieve its operational and financial targets and the startup process goes smoothly, and stays within budget and timing contraints.

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