Quality of Operations® Due Diligence

No other firm brings proprietary Quality of Operations® process and an exclusive focus on operations.

Knowing as much as possible about a target is critical to making a fact-based decision on whether, and how, to proceed with an acquisition.  Doing due diligence right can help ensure a company picks the right target and values the deal appropriately.  Getting it wrong can leave the company with, at best, an under-performing asset or, at worst, a financial disaster on its hands.

TriVista’s Quality of Operations® service was designed to address these specific challenges.  The goal of TriVista’s Quality of Ops™ Service is to allow investors to judge the current state of operational performance and understand the sustainability, predictability and certainty of future performance, including its impact on/correlation to financial statements.  The Q of O™ Service can provide insight on the degree to which operations are:

  • Optimized for Operational Excellence
  • Sustainable at current / planned capacity and margins
  • Performing at/near/above benchmarks within an industry (Inventory, cycle time, etc.)
  • Efficiently deploying capital (working capital, human capital and intellectual capital)
  • Supported by reliable fixed assets or at risk of unplanned capital expenditures
  • Producing/delivering high quality products that meet known customer expectations
  • Led by a competent leadership team focused on continuous improvement.

A key focus area for due diligence is a target’s operations—which includes the supply chain, engineering, new product development, and manufacturing.  TriVista helps acquiring companies comprehensively assess these and other operational areas to identify both:

  • Opportunities to enhance the deal’s value through EBIDTA and gross margin expansion and working capital reduction; and
  • Potential risks in talent, technology, processes, assets, and other areas that could negatively affect the value of the deal post-close

TriVista’s approach to operational due diligence is distinguished in two important ways.

First, we use a comprehensive, rigorous and repeatable process to guide our evaluation, which helps ensure consistency and completeness in analysis.  This process enables us to dig deeply into a target’s operations and provide extremely thorough quantified and qualified recommendations to our clients.

Second, we have extensive bench strength and capacity in all due diligence skills, which is critical to meeting the aggressive timelines often required by investors.  And our global reach means we have talented resources on the ground we can quickly deploy to be part of the due diligence team, regardless of where the acquisition target is located.

Working with TriVista can give a company confidence in selecting and valuing an acquisition target—and in knowing there will be no surprises after the deal is closed.

Leo Liu

Senior Managing Director
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Stuart Lowe

COO & Senior Managing Director
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Tim Ristoff

CEO & Senior Managing Director
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