The TriVista 100 Day Plan

According to a 2011 Harvard Business Review article, somewhere between 70% and 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail or do not live up to the original expectations of the acquiring company.  The result: equity loss and shareholder/stakeholder value destruction.

Most M&A professionals would agree that the key to a successful acquisition is prior planning and preparation before the acquisition is complete. At TriVista, we specialize in developing 100 day plans that mitigate risk, improve operating performance and support the rapid transformation of business culture within organizations.  We follow a detailed, disciplined process that was developed working on countless integration projects for Fortune 500 and middle market companies alike.  Our process focuses on capital preservation and risk mitigation to deliver maximum value to equity stakeholders and company employees.

Our process typically begins before acquisition, but we can engage in 100 Day Plan projects at any stage in the investment cycle.

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