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Post Merger Integration

TriVista’s expert consultants help investors design and implement successful integration and carve out strategies.

While there’s no consensus on the exact figure, it’s commonly known that a high proportion of corporate marriages—upwards of 80 percent by some counts—fail to deliver the promised value.  There’s also widespread agreement on one of the leading causes of failure:  ineffective post-merger integrations.  And that’s no surprise, given that post-merger integrations are highly complex, challenging undertakings that many companies find difficult to manage due to a lack of the time, energy, skills or resources required to get it right.  But getting it right is critical to meeting investor expectations and delivering desired results.

Because the stakes are so high, it’s critical to have the right people on the integration team.  For many companies, that includes experts from TriVista.  Our teams of experts have deep skills and proven experience in the following areas:

  • Detailed integration planning
  • Manufacturing footprint analysis
  • Consolidation and plant rationalization opportunities
  • Integration risk planning
  • Margin enhancement opportunities
  • Supply chain synergies
  • Back-office synergies
  • Interim management

Our post-merger integration professionals—who are highly experienced in all facets of extremely complex, large-scale project management—can help companies mitigate risk and ensure the successful integration of operations post transaction via proper planning and rapid Day 1 execution of critical initiatives.

Integrations offer investors some of the most lucrative opportunities to enhance shareholder value, but are also extremely challenging to execute.  Leveraging our extensive experience integrating businesses, addressing often hidden operational inter-dependencies, and conducting complex post-transaction activities, we can help companies execute their integration plans to ensure expected returns become reality.

Leo Liu

Senior Managing Director
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Stuart Lowe

COO & Senior Managing Director
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Tim Ristoff

CEO & Senior Managing Director
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