July 1, 2015

Private Equity Investors Hungry for Food and Beverage Deals

Mike McSweeney Discusses Private Equity M&A activity in the Food & Beverage Market

“Over the last 14 months, TriVista has seen a tremendous pick up in not only the number of Food and Beverage deals and the pace at which these deals are moving at. Food and Beverage is a pretty hot sector and multiples are extremely high. Food and Beverage tends to be an attractive sector for Private Equity investors because of the high growth experienced by many of the companies once they start to get into some of the big box retailers.”

TriVista Senior Vice President, Mike McSweeney, sat down with Middle Market Growth Magazine to discuss operational excellence, food and beverage deals and how private equity firms can create operational value to outperform the competition.

Watch the video below for the full interview:


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