Investors globally rely on TriVista to provide the best Operational Due Diligence Analysis

QOO-Stamp-LogoWhen institutional investors want to understand critical operational elements of target acquisitions, its important to engage the right team of industry experts and advisors.

TriVista’s Quality of Operations® Service is an operational due diligence analysis service designed to focus on mitigating risks, and identifying hidden value.

Quality of Ops™ allows investors to judge the current state of operational performance and understand the sustainability, predictability and certainty of future performance, including its impact and correlation to financial statements.

Operational due diligence provides insight on the degree to which operations are:

  • Optimized for Operational Excellence
  • Sustainable at current / planned capacity and margins
  • Performing at/near/above benchmarks within an industry (Inventory, cycle time, etc.)
  • Efficiently deploying capital (working capital, human capital and intellectual capital)
  • Supported by reliable fixed assets or at risk of unplanned capital expenditures
  • Producing/delivering high quality products that meet known customer expectations
  • Led by a competent leadership team focused on continuous improvement.

To learn more about TriVista’s proprietary QOO™ service, please contact us.

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