Experts in Complex Project and Program Management.

Greenfield Start-ups.  Factory Re-locations and Rationalizations.  If you have a project that’s complex in nature and in unfamiliar geographies, TriVista can help. 

Optimizing the manufacturing footprint is a necessary but challenging pursuit for any company.  It’s necessary to ensure that the company is making the best use of its assets to meet demand and enhance profitability.  It’s challenging because it can involve making major changes to the production facilities that are the foundation of the company’s business—an inherently complex and risky endeavor.

An experienced company such as TriVista can be a valuable partner in helping a company through this process.  Clients rely on our operational expertise, project management skills, and analytical prowess to help them design and implement the global footprint that can best position them for profitable growth.

We start with a rigorous process through which we conduct a thorough financial analysis of a company’s operations to determine opportunities to minimize operational complexity, reduce inventory, increase responsiveness to customers, and improve the overall utilization of the company’s roofline, manufacturing square footage and human capital.  Based on the results of that analysis, we recommend specific changes to the footprint to capitalize on those opportunities to significantly enhance gross margin and EBITDA.

We then work with the company to implement those changes, whether they involve building entirely new facilities, closing or moving existing plants, or both.  We can deploy teams of manufacturing and project management experts anywhere in the world to guide a company through a greenfield or relocation project—helping the company mitigate project risk, minimize disruption to the business, and ultimately optimize the allocation and use of its production resources.

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