Supply Chain Consulting

Does your Supply Chain create competitive advantage?

Despite widespread acknowledgement in recent years of the supply chain’s strategic importance, many companies still under-leverage this critical asset.  In fact, even companies that have a high-performing supply chain do not necessarily strongly link their supply chain capabilities to EBITDA, operating income, cash, or sales growth.

TriVista helps companies not only leverage their global supply chain as a strategic weapon in an increasingly complex marketplace, but also use the supply chain to deliver significant, positive impact on overall enterprise financial performance.   In other words, we believe the supply chain should operate as a business, and we focus on improving that business in three ways:

  • Strategic sourcing:   Through such initiatives as spend analysis, supply chain stratification, total cost analysis and definition of global supply chain strategy/structure, we help clients identify, evaluate and select global sources that deliver the greatest sustained value with lowest overall risk.
  • Supply chain optimization:   We perform a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s supply chain (often through value stream mapping) to find ways to make processes leaner, more efficient, and more flexible; determine how future demands will affect supply constraints and supply instability; and identify opportunities that allow inventory to be used more efficiently to free up cash that can be deployed elsewhere in the business.
  • Logistics optimization:  We help companies streamline their logistics operations by improving distribution center processes and layouts, optimizing the distribution network and transportation routes, and ensuring that companies are fully capitalizing on third-party logistics providers.

Companies that have capitalized on TriVista’s supply chain expertise have realized tangible, measurable business benefits including reduced total cost of ownership and supply chain risk and disruptions, and increased EBITDA, sales, cash flow, and competitive advantage in the form of greater speed and agility.

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