August 9, 2017

TriVista Delivers $11 Million of EBITDA Expansion Opportunities through Factory Consolidation & Integration

The Business Challenge

A private equity firm acquired two firms that were former competitors and had merged into a single company. Part of this merger included consolidation of multiple facilities in the U.S. and Mexico.  The private equity firm retained the professional services of TriVista to assist in the analysis and selection of the correct implementation plan, and to also act as a neutral Project Manager entity during the merger.

How TriVista Facilitated the Consolidation

To understand the acquired firms’ business and operations, TriVista conducted the following activities:

  • Created detailed current state analysis of all facilities operated by both companies, including operating costs, headcount and space requirements
  • Determined which facilities in the U.S. would be consolidated based on cost and strategic advantage
  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research on new facilities in Mexico
  • Worked with government entities and legal teams to secure leasing costs and contracts
  • Produced detailed financials for moving costs, closure of existing facilities, and customer impact
  • Completed detailed implementation plan
  • Created pro forma P&L to illustrate impact on business financials moving forward

The TriVista Impact

The TriVista team delivered a best-in class feasibility study and identified $11 million of EBDITA expansion opportunities by consolidating multiple facilities in the U.S. and Mexico.  This consolidation improved flow and created multiple synergies within the two merged companies.


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