October 12, 2017

TriVista Identifies $3.5M of EBITDA Savings Opportunities through a Consolidation Assessment

The Business Challenge

A leading global manufacturer of highly specialized aerospace assembly parts retained TriVista to conduct a feasibility assessment plan which projected savings models and identified costs associated with the potential consolidation of one underutilized U.S. facility into four existing global sites.

How TriVista Conducted the Assessment  

TriVista conducted an in-depth analysis on key areas of the operation, including:

  • A rapid three-week assessment of the underutilized facility to understand the costs, benefit and challenges of apportioning the facility into the other four locations
  • Analyzed key data on each facility including operating costs, payroll and productivity
  • Worked with managers and key staff members to understand utilization and capacity of each facility
  • Identified risks associated with relocation projects
  • Calculated annual savings and cost impact of relocating existing sites
  • Created multiple options for new and more effective plant layouts
  • Worked closely with management to identify one-time and on-going associated costs
  • Developed detailed future state organization charts
  • Performed detailed financial analysis to determine if hypothesis is feasible
  • Identified necessary closing procedures, severance options and relocation assistance plans
  • Developed project timelines with major milestones for each workstream

 The TriVista Impact

TriVista identified approximately $3.5M of annual EBITDA savings opportunities by rationalizing footprint, optimizing a new facility layout and eliminating under-performing low margin products in the business.


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