October 22, 2015

TriVista’s Stephen Smith Examines Enterprise Excellence in Axial’s Forum Blog

Stephen-Smith-tvOn September 29, 2015 TriVista’s Managing Director, Stephen Smith was featured on Axial’s Forum blog – a curated publishing platform designed to educate and empower members of the entrepreneurial economy. In the post, “3 Steps to Cultivating Enterprise Excellence,” Smith discusses how a strategy based on Enterprise Excellence can help companies improve and reach their organizational goals.

“Enterprise Excellence entails bringing all aspects of an organization into the same improvement and management system,” Smith explained. “Sales, new product development, finance, human resources – even IT – need to speak the same language and use the same methodologies.”

Using his 30-plus years of executive experience in operations and enterprise improvement as background, Smith described how Enterprise Excellence acts as an umbrella for organizations, providing a multi-dimensional toolset, structured implementation methodology involving the entire organization, and an inclusive people-engagement strategy.

“Enterprise Excellence is inclusive by nature,” Smith wrote. “Every single person in the organization should be involved. Everyone should be relentlessly focused on waste elimination and value creation for the customer – not only in order fulfillment, but also in new product development, order generation, and core business administrative activities.”

Smith noted that Enterprise Excellence includes a robust assessment process and a structured implementation calendar to motivate teams and manage project work. Featured in the blog post are the three first steps leaders can take toward Enterprise Excellence:

  1. Decide that this is the right strategy for the organization.
  2. Create the infrastructure for success.
  3. Begin with enthusiasm.

“Most successful business strategies are founded on either expanding or creating organizational capabilities – to serve a new market, create new products/services for an existing market, or to create new synergies with partners. Enterprise Excellence keeps people focused on aligning all activities with those current and future opportunities to build capacity.”

Read the full blog post for Smith’s full discussion of Enterprise Excellence, illustrating the ways organizations work with TriVista experts to improve their top- and bottom-line results. Click Here


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