FSMA preparedness assessment

TriVista helped a food manufacturer benchmark their domestic and foreign supply chain against the new Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) regulation and delivered a gap analysis, outlining non-conformances throughout their supply chain.  In addition, our expert consultants delivered a formal training program to the management team outlining the specific areas where FSMA would be impacting their business.

The Background

FSMA represents the largest change of the food safety regulatory system since the passage for the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 1938. Our client leveraged subcontractors to manufacture their pet food products both in the US and China, and contracts a broker to assist with import requirements. With a limited understanding of the FSMA guidelines, the company asked TriVista to review their internal processes and external partners, with a goal of identifying areas of non-compliance.

Our Approach

TriVista first provided an overview of the FSMA to the client’s management team, focusing on changes in the regulation which affect them as an importer of consumable pet products. Our team of Regulatory and Compliance experts then visited several companies within the supply chain to review their compliance programs, and worked with the client’s management team to conduct an in-depth assessment of requirements, performance and current gaps.

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