Leading private equity firms use TriVista to identify and unlock hidden value in operations

In today’s competitive environment, investors must identify key risks and value creation opportunities pre-close, and implement improvements quickly to drive enterprise value.  We help them achieve this by supporting:

M&A Support Services

Built for Private Equity

TriVista was built to serve private equity investors.  We mobilize experts quickly, communicate frequently and clearly, and are known for our exceptional bedside manner with management teams.  While there are many consulting providers, few have the breadth and depth of operating expertise that we do.  On both the buy side and the sell side, we support investors and advisers with operational due diligence, merger integration planning, acquisition integration and post-close operational roadmaps. Our industry experts are supported by analysis and benchmarking toolsets developed to ensure rapid, thorough analysis of target operations. Working with our team ensures that key opportunities to increase enterprise value and reduce risk are identified. As a result, our clients close more deals with more confidence.

What makes us different?

  • Open, frank, and frequent dialogue
  • Broad experience and benchmark data across hundreds of privately-owned companies
  • Deep industry sector/vertical expertise
  • Quantitative and qualitative approach
  • Enterprise value mindset
  • Global Capabilities in North America, Asia, and Europe