Sales, Inventory, & Operations Planning

Unlocking transformational change in enterprise value

Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP) is the heartbeat of every manufacturer, distributor, and consumer products company. It’s is the integrating function that ties each part of the business’ operations together to consistently achieve targeted financial outcomes.

Effective SIOP directly links executive management, financial planning, sales, operations planning, and manufacturing/distribution execution tightly together through a specific set of activities. When effective SIOP processes are in place, management teams and investors know with confidence that revenue and margin plans can be consistently achieved.

If you are experiencing any of the following business issues, you very likely have an opportunity to improve your company’s financial condition though SIOP enhancement:

  • Regularly missing revenue and profit targets
  • Poor or declining inventory turns and excessive investment in working capital
  • Past due backlog continues to build
  • On-time delivery / customer service is below target
  • Manufacturing productivity / gross margin is unacceptably low
  • Production cannot keep up with demand
  • Desire to compete for higher margin business through improved service levels

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