Command the Highest Valuation for Your Business with TriVista’s Sell Side Quality of Operations® Program

If you’re preparing a business for sale or planning a carve-out, you want to paint the best possible picture of your business to prospective buyers or investors. When you have a great story to tell — one supported by compelling evidence — you’ll attract more buyers, solicit more interest and command a higher price. The key? Conducting sell-side operational due diligence.

Sell-side operational due diligence is a proven process you can use to increase the value of your business before going to sale. In a matter of weeks, TriVista can complete a multi-phase Quality of Operations® evaluation process and deliver specific recommendations to address gaps and quantify potential upside.  Doing so can result in reduced transaction risk, and increased enterprise value.

Benefits of Sell-side operational due diligence:

  • Assists sellers and management teams in structuring the growth story/narrative
  • Keeps more bidders in the process, longer
  • Increases enterprise value
  • Speeds up the sale process
  • Lowers transaction risk for all parties – buyers, sellers and intermediaries
  • Identifies specific areas for improvement and savings, and outlines how to achieve them
  • Provides a clear view of what drives your company’s value

At TriVista, we help companies, private equity firms and investment banks identify and quantify untapped value and mitigate issues that may stall or kill a deal.

While you can conduct sell-side operational due diligence at any time in the sale process, it delivers the most value when done early — 3 to 9 months before you want to complete the sale. This gives you time to act on recommendations and demonstrate the real potential. By starting early, you can “clean-up” any key gaps that may exist and launch initiatives you know will please prospective buyers.

When you need a partner with deep experience in sell-side operational due diligence — one that knows where to look for untapped opportunities and how your business can exploit them — TriVista delivers expert guidance you need to identify and capture extra value.

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