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Supply Chain Consulting Firm & Optimization Services

With supply chain optimization challenges top of mind for investors and management teams alike, we combine expertise across functions to offer end-to-end support and leverage new technologies that improve performance.

How we help clients

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement: We support mid-market clients in reducing risk related to shipping delays, extraordinary transportation cost, and material spend by systematically driving savings through well-established sourcing and procurement best practices.

Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP): We help clients connect the sales side of the business (generating product demand) to the supply side of the business (fulfilling that demand) so that they are continually synchronized with the optimum level of inventory to meet desired service levels. We have proprietary methods and tools that simplify the SIOP process for organizations that are adopting SIOP for the first time.

Warehousing, Distribution, and Fulfillment: We go beyond the four walls to help clients transform warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations – delivering productivity gains and enhancing enterprise value. Where it is difficult to hire employees, we also offer proven semi-automation options that will drive significant productivity improvements in a short period of time.

Logistics and Transportation: From 3PL sourcing and selection to private fleet optimization, we work with our clients to improve service and reduce costs.

Network Optimization: Companies should consider re-designing their distribution networks every 5-7 years to account for organic growth, acquisitions, new product introductions, customer heatmap changes, and/or divestitures.

We help clients across industries

Our clients come from many different industries, and the challenges they face vary. The one thing they all have in common – a deep commitment to getting more performance from their supply chain. Working across industries, we help clients address:

  • Poor service levels (OTD & Lead Time)
  • Sales / customer loss
  • EBITDA margin erosion
  • Poor inventory turns
  • Poor productivity (labor / capital)
  • Insufficient capacity
  • Excess working capital

Because we advise so many businesses across multiple industry sectors  each year, we can often bring new technologies, methodologies and management systems.

What makes us different

We deploy experienced subject matter experts on our project teams with a combination of operational and advisory experience in their fields. From planning, to shop floor improvement, and the extended supply chain, our global team draws upon knowledge, research, and proprietary tools to help facilitate change. 

We tailor engagements to each client, carefully understanding your organization and culture, and ensuring our recommendations tie directly to your business strategy. Our supply chain optimization practitioners understand the importance of recommending changes that are sustainable. To that end, we collaborate with clients to build durable, internal capabilities that will remain in place after the engagement ends.