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Post Merger Integration Plan & Strategy

Our structured approach to post-merger integration drives focus and delivers results to clients faster than going it alone.

How we help clients

We help our clients maximize value capture through a structured integration approach that’s applicable across business types and industries. Our teams of integration experts not only lead engagements, but also help clients build capabilities within their organizations.  

Strategy, Planning, and Execution

Strategy & Planning

Develop the integration strategy, plan, and assess risks.


Establish the Integration Management Office (IMO), reporting structure, and tools.

Workstream Execution

Manage work streams across functions throughout the integration cycle.

Capability Development

Integration Capability Assessment

Identify strengths and gaps in skillsets and capabilities vs. best-in-class benchmarks.

Integration Status Assessment

Work to develop processes and tools for future acquisitions.

Process & Skillset Development

Train teams to manage complex work streams and maximize value capture.

Focus areas



Supply Chain

Integration Status

Business Enablement

Automation & AI

Technology & Cybersecurity