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Food Safety Due Diligence Services

Food and beverage investments can by risky for investors who don’t know how to identify and mitigate food safety risks in this highly regulated industry. From regulatory compliance to supply chain traceability to robustness of food safety programs, we help clients address these issues and avoid risk. Having conducted food safety due diligence on >200 M&A transactions, our team of experts is ready to support your next deal.

Our Engagement Approach

Scoping / Launch

  • Identify key dilligence questions and core analysis areas
  • Confirm engagement objectives, approach, and expected outputs
  • Confirm site visit dates, management access, etc.

Data Room Analysis

  • Prepare and submit DRL
  • Engage with intermediaries
  • Perform detailed data room analysis

Management Interviews & Site Visit(s)

  • Conduct site and supplier visit(s) as necessary to support scope
  • Conduct detailed management interviews
  • Create process maps for key value streams

Synthesize Report

  • Benchmarks vs. peers
  • Qualify and quantify savings opportunities
  • Develop risk mitigation plan(s) and “red flag” report
  • Prepare value creation roadmap

Typical Focus Areas

We help our clients evaluate the effectiveness of product quality and food safety processes, including, but not limited to: HACCP, GMPs, microbiological controls, traceability, and facility and equipment condition. We also review 3rd-party assessments and compliance history, as well as labeling claims (in conjunction with legal advisors).

Risk Assessment & Recall Analysis

Food Safety Assessment

Supply Chain Review

Labeling Review

Quality Program and Compliance Track Record Review

Representation and Warranty Insurance Underwriter Review

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