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Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning & Consulting Services

Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP) is the heartbeat of every manufacturer, distributor, and consumer products company. It’s is the integrating function that ties each part of the business’ operations together to consistently achieve targeted financial outcomes.

Effective SIOP directly links executive management, financial planning, sales, operations planning, and manufacturing / distribution execution tightly together through a specific set of activities. When effective SIOP processes are in place, management teams and investors know with confidence that revenue and margin plans can be consistently achieved.

How we help clients

We help clients assess and optimize SIOP processes that unlock transformational change and drive enterprise value, addressing all the individual building blocks of SIOP including forecasting and demand planning, inventory planning and management, capacity and capital planning, and supply planning – which can include supplier order management, manufacturing production scheduling, and daily shop floor production sequencing.

Our Engagement Approach

We partner with clients to identify, quantify, and sequence improvement opportunities, combining operational and financial analysis to ensure our recommendations maximize ROI.

We tailor engagements to each client, carefully understanding your organization and culture, and ensuring our recommendations tie directly to your business strategy. Our practitioners understand the importance of recommending changes that are sustainable. To that end, we collaborate with clients to build durable, internal capabilities that will remain in place after the engagement ends.

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