Sell-Side Operations Due Diligence Reveals $25M in EBITDA Opportunities

The Business Challenge 

A leading middle market private equity firm engaged TriVista to conduct a Quality of Operations® due diligence for one of its portfolio holding, a manufacturer of a consumer goods. The diligence was commissioned in advance of the equity company starting the process of divesting its ownership position.

How TriVista Facilitated the Sell-Side Operational Due Diligence 

  • Toured six facilities across four business units
  • Conducted management team interviews
  • Conducted data analysis to evaluate current state and identify unique improvement strategies
  • Quantified potential savings estimates via identified improvement strategies
  • Vetted strategies and savings with members


Identified $25M in EBITDA opportunities which can be realized by:

  • Expanding outsourcing
  • Reducing complexity and rework, implementing more lean processes
  • Consolidating production sites
  • Establishing a Latin American operation
  • Enhancing corporate level and division specific sourcing and procurement activities
  • Streamlining business processes and reducing customer service headcounts

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