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TriVista Conducts Feasibility Study, Project Management, and Disciplined Execution for Factory Relocation

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Feasibility Study, Project Management and Disciplined Execution Leveraging a Global Team

The Challenge

A successful, international manufacturing company was struggling with its existing China facility, comprised of multiple small warehouses and poor process flow. With growing domestic sales in China, the client decided to make a long-term investment in relocating to a new facility with improved production flow and room for expected growth.  Recognizing that our client faced multiple deadlines with their customers and landlords, TriVista was committed to meet our client’s needs while adapting the project schedule to best fit the changing order flow. Communication was essential, requiring input from both American and Chinese stakeholders in multiple languages to conduct the feasibility study, select the new facility, make necessary improvements and manage the relocation.

Our Approach

A fast moving real estate market in the client’s region of China prompted a multi-phase location search upon completion of the initial cost analysis. TriVista supported our client through multiple lease negotiations and risk assessments of recommended facilities. With management consumed by continued top line revenue growth, TriVista quickly assumed responsibility for the entire project, coordinating with US and China based client teams to build out the new facility and transfer production.

On-site monitoring for five months included:

  • Full time resources dedicated to maintaining forward motion and project progress on both the renovation and the relocation phases
  • Independent recruitment and qualification of renovation vendors to retain those most eligible for the project
  • Oversight of 15 vendors with varying work schedules and interdependent project deliverables
  • Expedition of facility relocation to meet production timelines and minimize interference
  • Regular design and decision conferences between US and China based client/TriVista Team Members

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