TriVista provides Quality of Operations® Due Diligence support to private equity firm acquiring $300 M automotive aftermarket distribution company

Project Scope

A private equity firm retained TriVista to conduct a compressive Quality of Operations® due diligence analysis on a $300M publicly traded automotive aftermarket distribution company.

Our Approach

  •  Reviewed the company’s largest distribution center for operations improvements
  •  Interviewed senior management and supply chain leaders
  •  Conducted a DC capacity review to understand future requirements
  •  Analyzed sales, inventory and current order planning process for working capital adjustments
  •  Evaluated their sourcing process and supply chain practices for cost and process improvements
  •  Assessed the company’s distribution network and logistics – new and existing DCs

Results Delivered

  •  TriVista identified over $6M in EBITDA improvements (~50% increase) through Lean initiatives, optimizing its distribution footprint, implementing formal sourcing strategies, and optimizing labor productivity in the key operations. In addition, TriVista identify ~$3M in cash flow improvements by implementing a statistically driven safety stock models to better manage inventory, and over $5M of aged inventory that could be sold at a discount to free up additional working capital.