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Digital Transformation

When implemented and leveraged correctly, technology has the power to increase a company’s productivity, improve efficiencies, and drive value for the bottom line. We first work to understand your goals and desired end state for the business to ensure digital transformation efforts live up to – and exceed – expectations. Then, we guide clients in selecting the right solutions and implementation partners to mitigate risks and optimize implementation outcomes.

How we help clients through digital transformation

With a strong grasp of the unique challenges and an extensive knowledge of new technologies, we collaborate closely with our clients to craft tailored strategies that seamlessly address immediate and enduring digital transformation concerns, ensuring a future-proofed and data-savvy enterprise.

Systems Optimization

Working closely with our Operations Improvement team, our technology consultants gather a deep understanding of the systematic challenges your business may be facing. Whether you are looking to update a specific application or need guidance on how to solve a broader issue, our team creates efficient solutions with the right tools in place to support growing your business.

Business Process Alignment

TriVista’s dedicated technology consultants devise strategic digital transformation plans that focus on optimizing IT systems and business processes, aiming to improve overall productivity, reduce complexity, and lower costs.

Assessment and System Selection

ERP systems sit at the center of the entire business, making them either an essential driver of value or a major roadblock. However, companies outgrow legacy systems and navigating a rapidly changing technology landscape can be difficult. We help you select the right systems to mitigate risks and enhance outcomes at every stage of business growth.

Selecting the right technology system to drive value for your business is only half the battle. Ensuring you select the proper implementation partner is also crucial to ensure the system optimally adds value across the entire business spectrum. TriVista supports businesses throughout the lifecycle of digital transformation and acts as a trusted advisor for selecting the right implementation partner for your businesses’ specific needs.

Implementation Strategy

TriVista oversees the vendor and System Implementers (SI) selection and finalization process – inclusive of managing demos and scorecards to present a final board-ready ERP recommendation and with approval, management of contract finalization.

Once the final solution and system implementor have been selected, TriVista customizes an implementation strategy and establishes program management tools to guide implementation in alignment with industry best practices.

Services Include:

  1. Development of implementation strategies across the ERP implementation timeline.
  2. Development, training, and handoff of implementation tools, templates, and frameworks using best practices to project team.

Implementation Leadership

System Implementers typically provide oversight and execution of tasks essential for configuration, data loading, training, and offering application-specific support during the go-live phase. All other responsibilities, including data migration strategy, change management, functional design, process alignment, use case testing development, and training strategy development, rest with the customer. For clients lacking the necessary resources, TriVista can take charge of leading a customer’s implementation team, leveraging the acquired knowledge from preceding phases to ensure a seamless and effective implementation.

Program management activities:

  • Development and management of the implementation timelines and risk registry
  • Updating and providing status updates, and ensuring completeness of activities

Implementation activities:

  • Development and execution of activities across the five phases of an implementation including participation in functional design meetings, capturing and testing use-cases, and providing hyper-care during implementation

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