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IT Due Diligence Consulting Services

Our IT due diligence offering isn’t a “check the box” exercise – our industry experts help you understand how technology is (or isn’t) enabling a target company’s business performance and where there are opportunities to drive value post close. From assessing best practices, obtaining cybersecurity insurance to reps and warranties support, we support you throughout the entire deal process.

How we help clients through IT due diligence

We help investors determine how well a target acquisition is enabled by technology, and substantiate risks and capital required to support their investment thesis across applications, cybersecurity, and infrastructure. We also support complex transactions to strategically plan and execute system integrations, outline transition service agreements, and help devise efficient and effective organizational models to best leverage new and existing technology. Our expert IT due diligence team often collaborates with our operations due diligence team, providing an integrated due diligence capability.

Buy-Side IT Due Diligence

When looking to acquire a business, TriVista’s dedicated digital and technology consultants serve management teams, investors, and board members to ensure they understand the value a target company offers, the potential cybersecurity and IT risks of the company, and, in the case of a bolt-on acquisition, how integration would impact enterprise value.

Sell-Side IT Due Diligence

When preparing a business for sale or carve-out, the business should be as attractive as possible to prospective buyers or investors – that includes its IT functions. When you have a compelling story to tell, you’ll attract more buyers, solicit more interest, and command a higher price. Conducting sell-side IT due diligence is key to unlocking the full story.

Completing sell-side IT due diligence can increase the value of your business before going to sale. TriVista can complete an in-depth evaluation and deliver specific recommendations to address gaps and quantify potential upside, resulting in reduced transaction risk and increased enterprise value.

Post-Merger Integration

We help our clients maximize value capture through a structured integration approach that is applicable across various business types and industries. Our teams of integration experts not only lead engagements, but also help clients build capabilities within their organizations for long-term value creation.

Questions we answer through the IT due diligence process

  • Does the IT team and system add strategic value to the business?
  • Can the existing technology infrastructure support the target company’s growth plans?
  • Is the target at risk for necessary unplanned IT investment?
  • Are the applications that support critical business functions reliable and scalable?
  • Does management have the capability to effectively manage IT costs and planned investments?
  • Has the target developed a digital transformation strategy that enables the business to manage its end-to-end operations?
  • How does the target manage sensitive customer and employee data?
  • What critical exposures does the company have to cyber threats?
  • Are disaster recovery and incident response capabilities adequate?

Our Engagement Approach

Scoping / Launch

  • Identify key IT due diligence questions and core analysis areas
  • Confirm engagement objectives, approach, and expected outputs
  • Confirm site visit dates, management and third party access, etc.

Data Room Analysis

  • Prepare and submit DRL
  • Engage with investment bankers and intermediaries
  • Perform detailed data room analysis

Management Interviews & Site Visit(s)

  • Conduct site and supplier visit(s) as necessary to support scope
  • Conduct detailed management interviews
  • Create data flow and infrastructure diagrams for key systems and locations

Synthesize Report

  • Benchmarks vs. peers
  • Develop risk mitigation plan(s) and “red flag” report
  • Assess enterprise applications across all functional areas of the business

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