We help investors and executives integrate add-on acquisitions, globally.

Bringing two organizations together can deliver significant enterprise value.  Done wrong it can frustrate stakeholders and destroy enterprise value.  To help mitigate these risks, investors, board members and executives seeking to integrate business turn to TriVista to assist with post-merger integration support.

Post-Merger Integration

TriVista’s merger integration framework leverages the firm’s collective experience advising private equity investors on nearly 1,000 acquisitions.  We’ve helped hundreds of companies develop and execute strategies to acquire, integrate and improve business operations.   Lessons learned from these experiences allow us to provide valuable insights into key risks and opportunities that maximize integration effectiveness and deliver value to shareholders.  Our framework for post-merger integration support provides a flexible approach to integration on both large and small transactions.

The majority of mergers never deliver the intended results – we can help you avoid the pitfalls

Because we’re built to serve private equity investors, we work quickly, have global capabilities, and real-world experts from industry on our staff, not just career consultants.

Typical Focus Areas:

  • Manufacturing & Distribution Footprint
  • Network Optimization
  • IT Systems
  • SG&A
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP)
  • Logistics & Transportation