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Whether you are a Private Equity firm planning to invest in a mid-market Food Manufacturer, or a Food Manufacturer working towards regulatory compliance, you undoubtedly know that the Food and Drug Administration’s... Read More
Why is a robust Food Safety Due Diligence critical when considering an investment in a food company? Innovative products with novel ingredients, lack of preservatives, improved detection of pathogens, and increased... Read More
Protecting the consumer, protects your business. Several recent E. coli outbreaks stemming from Chipotle restaurants, are negatively impacting not only the the health of the consumers, but the reputation of the company... Read More
Mike McSweeney Discusses Private Equity M&A activity in the Food & Beverage Market “Over the last 14 months, TriVista has seen a tremendous pick up in not only the number of Food and Beverage deals and... Read More
Supplement Industry takes a hit – raw material testing crucial in avoiding recalls and protecting portfolio investments Recently, New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, demanded four major retailers to... Read More
Petco announced Monday, January 5th, they are removing from sale in their stores and on their website all pet treats manufactured in China. The national pet food and supplies company is responding to thousands of... Read More
Officials in the UK recently reported 156 cases of food poisoning and three deaths linked to Salmonella Enteritidis. This outbreak has also sickened 49 people in France and others in Austria. The source of the outbreak... Read More
How & Why Strategics and Private Equity  Firms are investing in Growing Food Companies Recently the Food & Beverage sector has experienced a huge influx of investment activity from Private Equity Firms and... Read More
Former Kroger Corporate Manager Jennifer Frankenberg, joins TriVista as Director of Food & Beverage Practice TriVista is pleased to announce that Jennifer Frankenberg has joined the firm as Director of the Food,... Read More
As we look back on 2012, we acknowledge all that was accomplished as well as some of the top scares. As FSMA regulation begins to solidify, it is everyone’s hope that food safety events of this magnitude will decrease... Read More

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