7 Steps for Boosting Cash Flow through your Supply Chain

In The News: 7 Tips for Boosting Cash Flow through your Supply Chain

The following was pulled from a Supply and Demand Chain Executive article featuring TriVista’s Frank Ciotoli. Read the full article as published in Supply and Demand Chain Executive

Many middle-market businesses are finding themselves faced with a new challenge – excess inventory. After increasing inventories to cover rampant supply chain issues, business leaders are now adjusting to the “new normal” and looking to reduce inventories as they weather persistent inflation and rising interest rates.

If your business is experiencing poor on-time deliveries, growing backorders, slow or non-moving inventory or warehouse inefficiencies, the first step is reevaluating your inventory management and supply chain strategy. This will allow your business to establish solutions that improve cash flow without reducing profitability and customer satisfaction. Below outlines tips and steps you can take to correct issues impacting profitability and customer satisfaction.

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