Jerry Joyce supports TriVista clients in operations improvements through supply chain and sourcing projects.

Jerry uses his extensive supply chain, manufacturing and logistics experience to help companies operating in highly complex global environments significantly improve operational performance. Jerry specializes in applying Lean Six Sigma principles to drive global turnarounds, process reengineering, strategic planning, organizational transformation and performance improvement.

Jerry’s global project skills and accomplishments include international experience in low-cost country contract manufacturing and strategic sourcing as well as the use of joint ventures and strategic alliances for strategic gain. He has had foundational roles in the transformations of complex inbound and outbound logistics networks and factory startup realignments across Latin America, Southeast Asia, China, and Europe.

A highly strategic and analytical approach has enabled Jerry to identify and tackle the development of needed business processes that are integral to the furthering of unique value propositions for corporate entities and growing startups. This approach has been forged over a 20+ year career across senior leadership positions in Engineering, Program Management, and Supply Chain Management as well as Operations and Logistics.