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Capital Preservation and Growth

Achieving Success through the Implementation of Operational Excellence

Who wins in times of business uncertainty, global economic challenges, and periods of chaos? History has demonstrated that “Operationally Excellent” companies not only survive during times of economic uncertainty, but become stronger.

We all know that in good times, when demand outpaces supply, that even the poorest of performers can effectively sell their products and make a profit. However, when demand diminishes and the power shifts once again to the customer, actions speak louder than words – exceptional quality, on-time delivery, reduced lead times and of course “excellent pricing” all become part of the equation. The best companies in the world seize this opportunity to differentiate themselves – making them more effecient, more focused and more profitable.

Operational Excellence
So what does it mean to be “Operationally Excellent?” At TriVista, we would subscribe that an “Operationally Excellent” company is one that balances continuous process improvements such as cycle time reduction, supply chain velocity and design for manufacturability while enhancing and building the leadership’s operational skills and value system across the organization. Far too often an organization focuses on one activity and not both.

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