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Webinar: Uncovering EBITDA Benefits with a Robust SIOP Process

How does a robust SIOP process improve financial performance?

Watch our co-hosted webinar with StockIQ to learn how a strategic approach to SIOP can drive:

  • Increased sales forecast accuracy and order fulfillment performance
  • Reduced inventory, freeing up working capital
  • Increased EBITDA through labor efficiencies and reduced cost of capital, freight expediting, storage/footprint, insurance, shrinkage, and obsolescence

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On the webinar, we’ll share client success stories, including the steps that were taken to achieve these outcomes:

  • EBITDA savings opportunity of $30M for a beverage company with $100M in revenue.
  • $39M in total savings for a $200M electrical components manufacturer and distributor.
  • $8-9M working capital reduction and up to $1.8M in EBITDA improvement for a $70M specialty chemicals company.

Speakers include:

  • Jeffrey Porter, CMO, StockIQ
  • Jerry Joyce, Director, TriVista
  • Philip Lee, Director, TriVista
  • Zach Diable, Senior Consultant, TriVista
  • Michael Vaghi, Senior Consultant, TriVista
  • Rachel Billingsley, Consultant, TriVista