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Jewelry Retailer Gains Competitive Advantage via Supply Chain Improvements

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A fashion jewelry leader aligns their supply chain to keep up with rapid sales growth. TriVista’s Diagnostic Process uncovered $10M in EBITDA savings and identified $12M in cash flow improvements.

The Challenge

A private equity backed retailer of women’s fashion jewelry and accessories was on track to double sales to $1B over the next 3 years. With the management team heavily focused on internal growth, they faced a major challenge as their supply chain had not evolved at the same pace, resulting in an inability to sustain the company’s future growth plans. The client turned to TriVista, hoping to turn their supply chain challenge into a competitive advantage.

Our Approach

TriVista’s team of experts used the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) approach to evaluate the company’s existing supply chain. TriVista deployed resources on-site to evaluate the entire supply chain, from factories in Asia to multiple retail stores in the US. TriVista compiled results and completed in-depth analysis of strategic areas including: sourcing, merchandising, quality, logistics, inventory, and store operations, organizing data across key performance areas and highlighting weaknesses in the supply chain.
TriVista benchmarked key supply chain elements against industry leaders to identify gaps in the company’s organizational structure and processes. Through the use of lean and six sigma tools, including process maps and SIPOC, TriVista’s experts evaluated both current and future state performance, culminating in the development of a root cause analysis for current challenges as well as a road-map for the identified future-state improvement opportunities.

The Results

Through TriVista’s Diagnostic Process, our team uncovered $10M in EBITDA savings and $12M in cash flow improvements to be realized over the next two years. Though a series of road-maps, strategies, and well-defined short term and long term projects, our client will be able to achieve a robust, world class supply chain.

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