Market entry & channel strategy development

The Business Challenge

China’s rapidly emerging middle class was driving significant vertical growth.  Our client had been exporting to the Greater China Region for many years but had not experienced the growth they had expected.  After partnering with a private equity firm, our client had been asked to develop a more robust sales strategy for the region.  With limited experience and no “on-the-ground” resources in the region, the company looked to TriVista to provide strategic guidance and conduct an analysis of existing and potential future sales opportunities.

How TriVista Helped

TriVista’s team of China experts conducted a market entry strategy project to determine the size of the market.  After establishing that the market warranted further pursuit, TriVista was retained to develop a market expansion strategy. The initiative focused on the following two goals: to determine the best sales channels by geographic region and provide accelerated sales growth by leveraging the client’s core competencies; and identify qualified sales partners in those geographic areas that could rapidly promote the client’s value proposition to end-users in multiple industries and provide local market fulfillment.

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