TriVista provides supply chain & food safety due diligence for private equity firm acquiring food business

Project Scope

A private equity firm looking to acquire a confectionary business retained TriVista to perform a Quality of Operations® Due Diligence assessment, as well as a Food Safety Due Diligence workstream.

Our Approach

  •  Conducted a site visit at U.S. headquarters
  •  Assessed effectiveness of food safety / regulatory programs, Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning (SIOP), and supply chain processes
  •  Toured several retail locations
  •  Met with key members of the leadership team to gain better insight into the company’s operations
  •  Conducted a thorough review of data to better understand food safety and regulatory program, the SIOP process and product category performance trends and current supply chain operations
  •  Reviewed supply chain practices and supplier spend
  •  Analyzed retail performance trends

Results Delivered

  •  Identified over $1.2M of cash improvements by increasing inventory turns
  •  Provided the client recommendations to improve and mitigate potential food safety risks within retail operations