Operational Due Diligence: 10 Key Questions Private Equity Investors Need to Ask on Every Deal

Operational Due Diligence is increasingly a key component of the private equity diligence playbook.  A thorough assessment of a target’s supply chain, operations and IT infrastructure can provide investors with critical information that informs investment decisions and influences post close strategies. In today’s competitive market for deals, it’s more important than ever that investors know… Read More

Assessing the Impact of the Potential U.S.-Mexico Border Closing on Private Equity Backed Companies

Many of our private equity clients with portfolio companies, factories or suppliers in Mexico have asked for our point of view on the potential U.S.-Mexico border closing. Based on TriVista’s experience, and recent discussions with several Maquiladoras (U.S. companies based in Mexico), we have outlined our perspective on several scenarios and outcomes. Background: The current… Read More

Webinar: Tariffs & Supply Chain Headwinds Impacting Private Equity-Backed Companies

TriVista – Tariffs and Supply Chain Headwinds in 2019 and Beyond New tariff policies, rapidly rising labor costs in Asian manufacturing centers, dramatic raw material price variations by country, currency exchange rate volatility, and recent government environmental cleanup policies are redefining the winners and losers in many industries. These changes are presenting challenges to investors,… Read More

Enhancing Supply Chain Agility Through Sales and Operations Planning

Supply chain agility has become key to addressing customer and market uncertainty—a hallmark of today’s volatile global economy.  However, many organizations often mistakenly define agility as simply shorter lead and cycle times—believing that if the supply chain can react faster, it can reduce the impact of demand volatility.  While reducing the time it takes to… Read More

Webinar: Maximizing Value at Exit: Sell-Side Operational Due Diligence

Conducting Sell-Side Operational Due Diligence (SSODD) can drive enterprise value, reduce transaction risk and increase deal velocity. Learn how the most successful investors and intermediaries are maximizing exit value with this strategic “diligence” process. Key Takeaways: How SSODD compliments the CIM and other sell-side reports to highlight value Common focus areas for SSODD Which companies… Read More

The Case for Sell Side Operational Due Diligence

While most private equity firms perform buy side operational due diligence, there is a strong case that many mid-market investors can increase enterprise value by conducting sell side operational due diligence. Sell side operational due diligence is catching on, and for good reason. The process can: Identify key risks that may come to light in the buy side due… Read More