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Managing Footprint Changes – A Guide for Manufacturers and Distributors

When business needs change and you need to re-evaluate your footprint, thorough analysis and planning are critical to success. For many companies, recent trends have accelerated the need for reevaluating their footprints. The past few years have seen an acceleration in the pace of mergers and acquisitions. Tariffs and the COVID19 pandemic have forced companies… Read More

Transforming Manufacturing Operations with Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Technology is creating new opportunities in manufacturing. Digital advances across industry—in RFID, vision systems, cloud computing, robotics, etc.—are allowing forward-thinking leadership teams to transform their operations, thereby improving costs, enhancing velocity, and growing market share. This comes at an important time, with most manufacturers and distributors facing labor shortages and a variety of… Read More

Food Safety Due Diligence – Considerations for Investors

Investments in the Food & Beverage sectors have helped many private equity investors realize sizeable returns. However, investment professionals must keep Food Safety regulations and compliance top of mind during due diligence and post transaction to preserve capital and mitigate risk. Private equity investment activity in the Food & Beverage sectors continues to increase substantially,… Read More

Enhancing Supply Chain Agility Through Sales and Operations Planning

Supply chain agility has become key to addressing customer and market uncertainty—a hallmark of today’s volatile global economy.  However, many organizations often mistakenly define agility as simply shorter lead and cycle times—believing that if the supply chain can react faster, it can reduce the impact of demand volatility.  While reducing the time it takes to… Read More

Capital Preservation and Growth

Achieving Success through the Implementation of Operational Excellence Who wins in times of business uncertainty, global economic challenges, and periods of chaos? History has demonstrated that “Operationally Excellent” companies not only survive during times of economic uncertainty, but become stronger. We all know that in good times, when demand outpaces supply, that even the poorest of performers can effectively sell their products and make… Read More