Webinar: Aligning Operations to Protect Value During COVID-19

The global pandemic has created an unprecedented business environment with numerous challenges for private equity owners and portfolio companies seeking to preserve value. Join TriVista CEO Tim Ristoff, and Supply Chain Practice leader Scott Sparks as they discuss how you can align your operations value chain, bolster portfolio company resiliency, and better position yourself for recovery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the new reality
  • Review the biggest operational risks that business leaders need to consider
  • Discuss how to refocus for the future, including:
    • Focusing on the most profitable SKUs
    • Rightsizing your operations for resiliency
    • Securing and de-risking your supply chain
    • Adjusting to new variability in demand with extra emphasis on SIOP


A link to the .PDF of the presentation is located below.

Aligning Operations to Protect Value During COVID-19