Operations Consulting - TriVista

Real-world experience, real-world results

TriVista is an operations consulting firm that helps private equity firms and middle-market companies improve business processes and enhance shareholder value. Our clients often seek rapid improvements to operational performance. We work across the supply chain and operations spectrum, from strategy to execution, to deliver substantial gains to profitability and working capital.

Transaction Advisory Services

Our suite of transaction advisory services for M&A helps investors and advisors close more deals. From operational due diligence (buy side and sell side), to regulatory compliance support and merger integration planning, TriVista provides expertise across the operations and supply-chain spectrum.

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Quality of Operations® Analysis

Since 2006, we’ve set the standard for operational benchmarking and analysis. Executives and investors globally rely on our independent, expert perspective on the performance of their organizations, across the value chain.

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Operations Strategy

Senior executives and private equity investors worldwide rely on TriVista to enhance enterprise value, expand margins, improve capital efficiency, reduce working capital, optimize supply chains and prepare companies for sale.

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Performance Improvement

When it’s time to make operational changes to grow, scale and improve your company, TriVista offers hands-on operations performance improvement support.

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Executive Search and Interim Management

We’re private equity’s preferred choice for executive search and interim management services, exclusively focused on the “Office of the COO.” When your company needs help recruiting top talent to join your team, or fill a key role on a temporary basis, we can help.

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China & Asia Advisory

China and Asia represent abundant opportunity, but not every company has the resources to capitalize. TriVista professionals have decades of experience conducting business in Asia, and provide a broad range of operational and supply-chain expertise.

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