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Bringing technology consultants with business expertise to optimize IT investments

Navigating a complex landscape of software solutions, digital platforms, and vendors is challenging, especially with the ongoing evolution of essential IT skills. While technological advances can supercharge businesses, knowing where to start — and which changes drive real value — is key. Bringing a variety of expertise across the digital and technology space, our technology consultants act as an extension of your team, providing resources and recommendations to help solve complex problems.

We combine broad technology expertise with deep operational know how to help optimize your technology investments and accelerate positive change.

What Our Technology Consultants Do

TriVista’s digital and technology services are driven by business priorities and executed using quantitative and qualitative assessment tools. We serve management teams, investors, and board members in the following areas:

IT Due Diligence:

Understanding a target company’s technology stack, data practices, and cybersecurity risks is critical to a successful transaction. Our IT Due Diligence assessment goes beyond identifying possible red flags, uncovering business enablement opportunities, and outlining future system enhancements required to support an investment thesis as well as supporting your team throughout the reps and warranties process.

Technology Strategy:

Companies outgrow legacy systems, but often lack experience to navigate a rapidly changing technology landscape. Our technology consultants help teams evaluate current systems and create technology roadmaps to evolve the IT function to meet new challenges.

Digital Business Transformation:

When implemented and leveraged correctly, technology has the power to increase a company’s productivity, improve efficiencies, and drive value for the bottom line. We work to understand your overarching business goals to ensure digital transformation efforts live up to – and exceed – expectations.

Infrastructure Modernization:

Moving from on-premise to cloud architecture for IT infrastructure presents a transformative shift that can redefine the efficiency, scalability, and agility of an organization’s technology landscape. This move not only streamlines IT operations but also positions businesses to leverage cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation and providing a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Over the past few years, businesses of every size have seen a steep increase in cyberattacks. As companies continue to adopt more digital technologies to improve efficiencies, enhancing cybersecurity systems and preparedness and implementing risk assessments must remain a business imperative.

IT Recruiting:

The successful optimization of your investment in IT hinges upon team members who truly understand the businesses’ needs and the complex digital landscape. If you’re seeking out new IT resources, the close integration of TriVista’s technology consultants and recruitment team can help to identify what you’re looking for and vet candidates.

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