TriVista Identifies $17.9M of Annual Savings, Improving Cost Per Case by 18.6%

Focus The client – a $4B leading American grocery store operator, with 200+ stores – had a current distribution network consisting of several distribution centers across the region. Due to the relatively condensed network, there were many overlapping shipments and duplications of inventory. The client’s leadership believed there was significant opportunity to optimize both the… Read More

Global Sourcing Strategy Provides Cost Savings of $1.5M

Scope A private equity backed, global provider of mission critical hardware and plumbing components approached TriVista for assistance in creating a global sourcing strategy to combat recent increases in supply costs of Chinese goods, due largely to imposed tariffs, increased labor expenses, and tighter environmental regulations. The increased costs were passed on to customers and… Read More

Distribution Center Operations Assessment Yields $36.4M in Savings

A rapidly growing $100M+ e-Commerce distributor with a large distribution network across multiple e-commerce platforms ran into capacity constraints due to lack of warehouse space and a large amount of slow-moving inventory, hindering their ability to meet expected growth targets Focus With over 7,000 SKUs and plans to bring on an additional 1,500+ SKUs per… Read More

TriVista Advises on Greenfield Manufacturing Facility in Mexico, Delivering $12M Savings Annually

A private equity-backed $350M automotive manufacturing company suffering from production constraints was looking to augment production operations in North America by expanding into Mexico. Focus The client was interested in expanding production to Mexico to create a strategic cost advantage, but had limited experience in Mexican labor rates, laws, real estate practices, government incentives, and… Read More

Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning Drives 30% EBIDTA Increase

Challenge A leading global provider of aerospace products faced decreasing inventory turns, high excess and obsolete inventory, and poor service levels. Key business issues described by management included: Forecasts of profit were regularly inaccurate Inventory turns were trending unfavorably High employee turnover While all these symptoms pointed to SIOP, there were several competing root cause… Read More

TriVista Places Director of Plant Operations for a Plant-Based Meat Substitute Manufacturer

The Business Challenge A leading, Private Equity-backed producer of plant-based meat substitutes opened a second facility to accommodate its rapid growth and needed new plant leadership. The Search TriVista Recruitment visited the new facility to gain a detailed and thorough understanding of operations and culture to help efficiently identify appropriate and qualified job candidates TriVista… Read More

TriVista Places President for Aerospace Manufacturing Company

The Business Challenge A Private Equity backed manufacturer of aircraft components needed a President with strong leadership skills and specific manufacturing knowledge to lead post-acquisition restructuring. The Search TriVista conducted a national search for candidate with specific machining experience, team leadership skills, and an intellectual capacity to drive growth strategy Candidates were vetted and assessed… Read More